Sunday, January 23, 2011

19 September 2010-Shine Ng and DMC Leong Original Character

Shine Ng
DMC Leong
Zombie got back to live
Cold and Evil
I can fly
Not long after shooting with Janice, Arisa and Yuki at the LEGENDARY abandon building at Glenmerry. I received a pm from Alan Chin who asked me how to go to this abandon building. Then after that, I decided to follow him for this shoot which was taken place on 19 September 2010, Sunday. After my church, I grabbed my gears and went to Sunway Pyramid waited for them. As predicted these people will be late and in the end the suppose meeting time was 12pm became 1.30pm. After meeting up with Alan Chin and Nekomimi which is our transporter for the day, DMC Leong also showed up then we went for lunch first at Asia Jaya. While waiting for them to eat me and Alan had a long talk about photography and also games. After everything is ready, we drove to the abandon building once more with the guide of me. After reaching , we waited for them to change but it was quite shocking to me and Alan. We thought it was suppose to be like Hell Girl Character but it turn out to be some OC (Original Character) with wigs and casual cloths on. It was kinda disappointed for me but we still continue our mission. We tried to trigger slave mode with my camera underground the building but it did not work as Canon EOS 500D doesn't have the master optical for Canon Speedlite 580 EXII. After that, I decided to use Alan's 70-200mm f/4L IS USM sniper lens. The lens was simply awesome as it very good for low lighting situation. Nekomimi was in the car as she doesn't want to go down as she feel something bad so she slept in the car. After a few hours of shot, we went back to the car and took a break. After waking up Nekomimi and then we drank some water and have some chit chat then we resume work. The final place we did was at the roof top which is kinda scary and dangerous. The whole place was dark and we couldn't see a thing. Thanks to Alan's Canon Speedlite 580EXII that light up the stairs which made us possible to see. The place was really rundown and I only able to take some shot as I was getting exhausted and mostly looking at Alan shooting Shine Ng. After we wrap up and went down, we never guess that we will ran into police and Nekomimi was held by them. After explaining the situation they relieve and explained that the site has a lot of murder case and drug case. So they were afraid we got into trouble and came to look for us. After everything was clear up, Nekomimi drove us home with a bad mood as she was extremely terrify when the police knocked on her car window. Well, I guess everything went well except my pictures. Last and not least, thank you Alan Chin, Shine Ng, DMC Leong for this shot and I've learn a lot of things from Alan too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

12 September 2010-Vampire and Hell Girl

Hoho scary sial =P
Arisa and Janice from Hell Girl Series
First time working with JY Chai =3=
Arisa cool?

Second final shot done for Janice but sadly only a few shots...nvm Bryan Ng and Wayne will handle the rest =P...forgot to mention, this shot was collaborating with Bryan Ng and Wayne and I think this is probably first time Bryan Ng ENCOUNTER with Janice Yap...haha (jk)...Arisa and JY did this shot with her as I remember Janice keep on saying how hot is JY on msn which made me keep on laughing..haha...We wake up extremely early in the morning for this shot as usual we gather at Sunway University College and make up was done there...Everyone was there except Yuki...I and Wayne came the earliest and as we waited for Bryan Ng and Yuki we cit chat and know more each other...As Yuki arrived...she forgotten to take her boots so she drove her car dangerously back to her house (accompanied by me) and the car actually power slide twice. After everything set (make up all set too)...we went to the so called LEGENDARY abandon building in Glenmary...When we reached the place...i was completely stunt as the whole place...was superb rundown then we proceed with caution to the area. The place wasn't that bad as I think..Bryan was scared<<<LOL..hahah...laugh die me..=P...The place was covered by mosquito and we were fully bitten and Wayne was also badly bitten except Bryan Ng =.=...damn u bastard for wearing long sleeve. After few hours of shot everything went well and was super hot and we went for lunch MCD near Subang Airport...Had a very fun lunch as Janice brought strawberry =3=...haha...I think she brought sugar as well..haha..had an awesome lunch and shot. Thank you everyone for this shot and it was fun =D
Yuki as Yuuki Kuran from Vampire Knight
Die for you
Protector 2
Yuki Kuran

Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 September 2010-Death Note

Caphy Miyako as Misa from Death Note
Nursyairah Basri as Misa from Death Note (another version)
Reflection-Angel and Devil
Wonder who to kill =P
Joe Yee as L from Death Note
Have nothing much to said bout this photo shoot session. Basically is a shot called by Bryan Ng and we went to seach for Caphy house and then went to Joe apartment to do this shot. I can say this is the most challenging photo shoot I did as the location is very hard to shoot. But overall is a very fun shot with Bryan. Thanks once again calling me together =D.

9 September 2010-Vocaloid Hatsume Miku (Default Version)

Yuki as Hatsune Miku
Sing out
CD lelong~
Song of Peace
My Reflection

Stage Debut
Kimi no Utau
Kawaii deshou
Cool pose from Miku
After the photo session for K-ON! yesterday, Yuki decided to do one more private shot for her Hatsune muku. Actually on this day, I was suppose to go to her house to give her the K-ON! photos and to get back my external hard drive back but eventually we went out for lunch and then she decided to do this shot. It was quite sudden but then I it. After lunch, we get back to her house and rush her props preparation and this was my first time seeing cosplayer prepare self made props and helping out with it. I was totally a failure as I couldn;t stick the glue the end I let her do the job. After done, it was already 5pm like that, we drove to IOI business park area to shoot. The area was not crowded and it was a nice place to shoot indeed. Very suit for Hatsune Miku. The only problem for thsi shot was the hair, now i know how hard is to maintain this kind of wigs. After shooting around the area, before I could cover other places my battery died=.=...I should have charge it but I didn't...OTL, im a failure photograher.Then we wrap up and I sent her home and I drove home...After that I remember that I forgotten to take back my external hard drive *facepalm*

8 September 2010-K ON! Summer Version

Yuki as Mio and Arisa as Ritsu
China Doll..lolx
Akiyama Mio
No Thank You! (Summer Version)
Ritsu doing Home work  and Edwin sensei
Screwing her own brain =P
She doesn't wants to study
A photo shooting session planed by Yuki during her holiday, K ON! summer uniform version with her friend Arisa Chow. At first, I was very headache for the location due to the costume is school type and the location I need is...SCHOOL...but where to find?When I was browsing through my msn contact list, I saw my Taekwondo junior, Edwin was online. So since it was also a school holiday, I thought of using my formal high school as my photography location. I asked Edwin for help and he gave me Mr. Jacob handphone number (my high school curriculum teacher) and texted him to ask about using the school location for this photography location. He was unsure whether the school will permit me for this session so he tried to ask for me and asked me to continue to pray hard for this matter (yea I did, lol). After confirming everything with Yuki, we decided to meet up at Sunway University College. Oh yea, almost forgot...I asked Bryan Ng to accompany me :S (sorry that I'm scare to shoot alone). The next day, we gather at Sunway University College and this is the first time I met with Arisa. At first glance, I thought she was a kind and quiet girl (eventually not =P..hhaha). Bryan too was the first time meeting her and the funny part was he called Bryan small kid and me some 26 year old guy (sad me)...OTL...After that, I drove my Avanza to SMK Subang Utama where Edwin waited for us there. After security clearance from the guard, we enter the school and met with the teacher in charged on that day and after a long talk with her, I've granted permission to shoot around the classroom. When we were about to start, Yuki forgotten her guitar (great, thumbs up for it ). We drove all the way back (with Edwin) to Sunway Condo to get Yuki guitar from Freya then back again to the school. The photography session was quite hard as the space is limited and there is no Japanese high school feel and the background...was terrible :S...sorry for my noobness..after shooting about one hour, Alan Chin finished his interview session and came to find us (he got lost finding for the class, lolx) without his gear (his sis borrowed)...after finished the classroom session, we went to the school field to shoot (which was better). After few shot it rained (damn it) then we went in and shoot around the corridor and went back to the field and shoot again (it rained again...zzz) then we wrap up the whole session and went to pyramid for lunch. We had Subway for lunch and it was a wonderful session but when we got back to the car...we could not find my car...OTL, we spent a lot of time searching for my car and after about 30 mins, Alan found it which is at the upper floor...zzz..Thank you Yuki for calling me for this shoot and also Arisa, nice meeting you XD.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

28 August 2010-TAF (Taylor Asaban Festival)

HuiShean Leong as Echo from Pandora Hearts
Little Echo from Pandora Hearts
Everything was alright except the flag...
After GAMP event, I've learn from Thomas Kuan on pulling cosplayer outside the hall for photography session. This is my first ever attempt for doing this...Thanks to ChuuNern who willing on helping me on this because I'm a very shy person so I seldom dare to speak out for photography. This is my first ever time for purchasing the TAF ticket for RM10 which is ridiculous expensive and they only use a green marker pen to write on our hand as P (paid)....which is very sad case...Come back to topic, my first TAF portrait done is with HuiShean Leong as Echo from Pandora Hearts. Even she is shy and had little knowledge for posing but overall she did a very good job. Thank you for having this session with me and bare with us under the hot sun and wasted some of your precious time=D.
Bleach group shot
Soon after the session with HuiShean Leong, I came across a bleach group who was with HTP on a photo session. Able to get a shot while passing by the area.=P
Love the props =D
Elegant of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji
Obey to my command
I shall never tolerate your rudeness
Another photo shoot session done with Amy. This time she featuring Ciel from Kuroshitsuji series. She did a very good job on this character and especially her props which is very nicely done. Her elegantness was pictured through the whole session and could see a vast improvement from last time. Once again too thank you Amy =D.
Yumi Lin as Naoto Fuyumine from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
High from above
Sword of justice

Cheryl Teh as Badou Nails from Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
Dangerous shot done here =D
Don't mess with the wrong person =D
Smoking is bad you know =P
Do or Die
Yumi Lin and Cheryl Teh featuring in Dogs: Bullets and Carnage series shot in TAF =D. Promised to help her to do this shot during TAF. Even was quite a drag due to make up and others but I'm kinda satisfy with the shot. Yumi done a great job on her costume and charter so do Cheryl. We did some dangerous shot from this such as climbing up high place and on the roof which after that been chased away by the security guard. Had a great time with them during the session and thanks Yumi for the Coke<<<my awesome lunch for the day =D. Decided to try out some low lighting shot for the session with Cheryl and it turned out to be a good one (for me). Thank you to both of you again. Hope to see you all soon =D.
Celine Thng Suet-Yi as Hatsune Miku and Jane Yeoh as Rin from Vocaloid
Sing her heart out
Our duet
Miku looks chibi here=D
World of synthesizer
World of synthesizer II
During our break time with Cheryl Teh, Yumi Lin and Leunamme Lee I cane across 2 cosplayer who are in Vocaloid costume. So I decided to walk front to ask for a photo shoot session with them. At first I was quite scare><...too shy...lolx then I ask them without any thinking further. Its worth asking them for this shot as I'm also quite a fan of Vocoloid characters, featuring Celine Thng Suet-Yi as Hatsune Miku and Jane Yeoh as Rin from Vocaloid. Had a very awesome session with them and able to play some depth of field effect inspired by Thomas Kuan. Very thank you to you girls, hope to see you again soon =D
In Ichigo' hollow world
Die you fool
Leunamme Lee as character from Bleach
With the on going shot with Cherly Teh and Yumi Lin. We also did a shot with Leunamme Lee from a character from Bleach (forgotten the name OTL)...As usual Yumi had a awesome skill of make up which make this character looks exactly from the anime series. Thumbs up for Yumi Lin, great job and skill you got here =D and thanks Leunamme Lee for the session too hope to see you soon too =D 
Cool pose =D
Listen to me or die..haha
I shall slice those in my way
Car park shot
 First ever time meeting with Abby which is one of Janice Yap friend. Even I don't know what character is this but overall is a very good session with her too. Really had lots of funny moment with them and crapped a lot of jokes between the session which is a very enjoyable one...glad to meet u abby and good luck in your future cos =D
Janice Yap as Saya from Blood +
The hunting begins soon
An urge to kill
Ready to get first blood
The vampire hunt...
Woot, finally is Janice Yap..LOL...which was my second time meeting her after GAMP event from IMU. Passed to her the previous shot in GAMP in CD to her (wasted one cd for tat..damn =P)..haha....made jokes of her when people said she looks like Rukia from Bleach than Saya more...LOL...Had some creative composition for this shot as would like to play something new and also another low lighting shot in Taylor car park and it was very hot there...we sweat like mad but is worth a try. =D...Once again thank you Janice Yap-Rukia..opps..lolx
Aiko as Louis from Zero no Tsukaima
I'm noble so listen to me you commoners
Void magic user-Lo
Waiting for his familiar to be back
My final shot for TAF which featuring Aiko as Louis form Zero no Tsukaima series, one of my favorite anime. Spend the longest time for this session and taken the most photo among others><...she put a magic on me i guess..lolx...very well done Louis and also been separated from ChuuNern as they are busy with other shot. Oh well, quite a worth session with her and enjoy chatting and shooting with her and thanks for calling me Aiko, u did a good job =D

This is the first time I didn't take much picture of the event hall...lolx...